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 well this sucks..

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PostSubject: well this sucks..   Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:01 am

I know I shouldn't be annoyed that Cam nominated me.. I was 99% sure he would nominate me as soon as he won HOH seeing I nominated him.. and I can totally understand why he did it.. but the reason I am a bit annoyed is because I nominated him cuz he was inactive.. and trying to be fair.. then all of a sudden he shows up out of nowhere ready to play.. not my fault he suddenly came back.. I love Cam, he's a cool guy.. but come on.. what a kick in the ass! lol. I guess I am just frustrated cuz now people don't have to be nominated as partners, so Cam could have easily put up geez i don't know, one of the FOUR or so people with negative points, instead of the two people who are like, the most active. But then again I know it's a popular strategy to take out the stronger players but I always thought at OrgP we had a mutual respect for active players and I thought it was always kinda an unwritten rule that we'd weed out those who aren't as active first then let the strong, active players compete, may the best competitor win kinda thing.

Ah well.. hope I can win veto... I am glad it isn't live cuz I won't be home tomorrow night til like 9 pm and then Friday afternoon I will be going to my bf's.. but atleast this way I can do it Friday morning or late thurs night..
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well this sucks..
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