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 The Rules *edited*

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PostSubject: The Rules *edited*   Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:32 pm

Welcome to Left4Elimination!
A Survivor/Left4Dead mash-up where you
not only fight for a chance to survive...
you also compete against those who do!

---Contents of this post---
Object of the Game

Survivors vs Zombies
Special Infected

Voting, Shooting, and Healing
Time Line

Signing Up


The object of the game is to get yourself into one of the Survivor spots and hold it as long as you can against a never-ending horde of voting Zombies for bragging rights on the High Score board. Keep in mind, your resources and allies are limited. When an ally falls, they turn into a Zombie! The fewer of you there are, the more Zombies there are! Don't over worry though, eventually somebody else will come along to fight!
Turned into a Zombie? No problem! Vote your way back to life by eliminating Survivors until you get your shot! But being a Zombie can be fun! Who knows, you might even get to vote as a Special Infected, who can unleash cruel punishment on their victims...

How long can you survive?


Survivors - Depending on the number of overall players, there will either be 3 or 4 Survivors, equipped with a gun with 6 bullets at the beginning of their game for some good old-fashioned Zombie killin', and a single health pack to recover life points (discussed in Voting/Shooting/Healing). A Survivor starts the game with 10 life points, which are lost by receiving votes and not preventing them. A Survivor at 0 or fewer life points is incapacitated, and if not saved within 24 hours of incapacitation, is eliminated and turns into a Zombie!

Common Zombies - Everybody else in the game. You will be casting votes as a means of attacking your hapless survivor-victims, in the hopes of becoming a Survivor yourself. Each vote counts as 1 point of damage if it goes unkilled for 24 hours, and you can vote once per 24 hours. Randomly you may be selected to dish out a Special Infected vote, giving you the chance at sweet revenge!

Special Infected - Each round, two random Zombie-players will be sent a private message granting them a random special vote to be used once any day during the round. Which two Special Infected I unleash upon you will be announced at the beginning of each round, but when and if they happen is at the discretion of the lucky Zombies! The player will publicly announce when they use their special vote at the time they cast their vote. Once they use their Special Infected vote, they may only cast Common Zombie votes for the rest of the round while their Special Infected goes on "auto-pilot" (the effects will keep happening until dealt with), or until receiving a new Special Infected assignment from me. The Special Infected votes include:

Hunter - The Hunter waits for an unwitting victim to get too close, pouncing on them and pinning them to the ground, where the victim receives a beating. When a Hunter vote is cast, the victim is pinned down and cannot use their gun or use their health pack until the Hunter is killed. A Hunter vote causes an unpreventable vote of 1 against the victim. For each 24 hours the victim is not rescued, they take 2 votes of damage on top of not being able to act. The Hunter takes two shots to kill.

Smoker - The Smoker snares a Survivor from a distance, dragging them away. The victim will be pulled too far away to aid their team mates until the Smoker is killed (incapacitated). A Smoker vote counts as 2 unpreventable votes, and it takes two shots to kill. However, if it is killed, it releases a cloud of gas that weakens the Survivors vision, rendering them unable to fire their gun accurately the next 24 hours causing all shots taken to miss.

Boomer - When a Boomer vote is cast, the Survivor team has 24 hours to shoot him before his vote has any effect. One shot will kill him. If they shoot it, the Boomer explodes bile onto them, sending 3 unpreventable votes at each Survivor. If the Boomer is not killed, the victim he chose will vomit on that player, causing common zombie votes to count as 2 instead of 1 for the next 24 hours for that victim.

Tank - The Tank is brutal. The victim of a Tank vote receives 3 unpreventable votes, and then 2 'punishment' votes at each 24 hours from the initial vote. It takes 4 bullets to kill a tank. If you shoot the Tank, it's attention is focused on you instead, so if you don't kill it, you will receive the 'punishment' votes instead!

Witch - The most deadly of the Special Infected. A Zombie-player assigned the Witch will not vote against a specific victim, it will only announce it's presence. Once the player assigned the Witch announces it, the Witch will only sit there. Until startled. The Witch is startled by any shot fired for 24 hours after it's post. If you startle the Witch, you take a 5 vote penalty, and are incapacitated by the witch, who deals 2 votes for every 24 hours period after startling her. It takes 4 bullets to kill a witch.

Special infected votes that linger on auto-pilot take their secondary effect at every 24 hour increment following the initial post. The player who used the Special Infected vote may vote again as a common zombie 24 hours after their initial post. A player who is incapacitated at the time players would enter the safe house is considered to be 'left for elimination' by their team, and dies. Special Infected with the incapacitate ability include: Hunter, Smoker, and Witch.


Voting, Shooting, and Healing - Zombies vote, Survivors shoot and heal. Zombies get to cast one vote against a Survivor per 24 hour period after their first vote, or use their Special Infected vote if they wish. Survivors may shoot as many bullets as they want as fast as they want, but have a maximum limit of 6 for each round. When shooting a Zombie, declare the screen name of the Zombie-player you intend to target. A shot given to a common Zombie will 'kill it', and render that Zombies vote for the day nullified, except in certain cases of certain Special Infected votes. The Zombie-player that was killed is not entirely 'dead', they may still vote as yet another member of the endless horde. Once you run out of bullets, you are out until you reach the next Safe House day, where the team must divide 6 replenishment bullets amongst themselves. You may use your health pack to heal 5 health points to yourself or another Survivor at any time. The effect happens immediately. You cannot be healthier than 10 life points. There will be no 'tally point'. If a zombie vote goes uncontested for 24 hours, it is considered a successful attack and registers the vote count as per type of zombie. If a successful Zombie vote brings you below 1 health, you are considered incapacitated, and cannot shoot or heal yourself, but can be saved by a team mate healing you. If you are incapacitated for 24 hours, you are eliminated.

Time Line - Each round will last 7 days (6 days of Zombie voting/shooting, 1 day in the Safe House, for Survivors to rest and regroup). On the seventh day of the round, any remaining Survivors will be considered to have made it to the Safe House, and get a days reprieve from the horde. It is at this time that the Survivors will heal a little (2 health restored) and divide the 6 bullets they find in the safe house amongst themselves. New health packs will not be given out, so use them very wisely. It is also at this time that the Survivor team numbers will be restored to maximum, with the next Zombie player(s) in line taking the place(s) of the fallen Survivor(s). These players start out as new Survivors, with 6 bullets, 10 life points, and a health pack. After the Safe House day, the (new) team is forced back out to face the horde again. Should all Survivors fall to the Zombies before they can reach the next Safe House, a new game will start once the new Survivor team checks in as ready.

So in summation, Survivors shoot and heal to cancel out votes, and Zombies vote and use Special Infected votes as often as possible to win yourself a Survivor spot!

How to Sign Up - Send me a PM, and pick Survivor or Zombie! Survivor spots are given out on a first come, first serve basis. In order to maintain a team of Survivors, I will add Zombie players name to the bottom of the upcoming Survivor list when they sign up. I will keep a public list for who is next in line; if a spot is open on Safe House Day, or the whole team is eliminated, the top of the list fills the spots accordingly. You can only have one occurrence of your name on that list at any time, and current Survivors may not wait in line for a Survivor spot. An Eliminated Survivor may take on the role of a Zombie the day following elimination if they wish, and are eligible to line up for another shot at Survivor.

I feel this game would work best with 10 ACTIVE players, but could work with a range of 8-12, so I will allow for up to 12, but if you don't get in don't worry, I will do a refresher recruitment at each Safe House day to keep our Zombie horde 'lively'!

6-8 players - 3 Survivors, 3-5 Zombies
9-12 players - 4 Survivors, 5-8 Zombies


I realize this is a lot to take in, and a somewhat new concept, so questions should be asked if you have them so we can be in agreement on everything. I want this game to move quickly and without much problem so everybody can enjoy themselves without letting tacky rules get in the way. If something doesn't work, I want to fix it for you! That said, I reserve the right to change things as seen fit, solely in the interest of a balanced game, also to take a break every now and again to clean up the carnage and update the High Score boards properly.
I also realize that is somewhat easy to die as a Survivor, but that is intentional. I think I worked in a lot of possibility with these mechanics that should make for some interesting strategies for both sides. Who knows, you might survive two whole weeks! I hope everyone enjoys!


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Posts : 3348
Join date : 2010-09-13
Age : 32
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PostSubject: Re: The Rules *edited*   Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:06 pm

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The Rules *edited*
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