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 Reality Survivor: Panama - Exile Island

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PostSubject: Reality Survivor: Panama - Exile Island   Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:40 pm

As I said before I have a whole series of Survivor stories to share. I have already shared the first four seasons before and want to share the remaining six seasons. I am re-editing these stories before posting them again to make them be a little bit easier to read and to help tell the stories better. Plus I want to fix grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and so on. Hope you enjoy them. Episode 1 will be in the next post.
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PostSubject: Re: Reality Survivor: Panama - Exile Island   Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:42 pm

EPISODE ONE – ‘The Better and Stronger’

Abby Lavelle
Kellie Wellesley
Karianne Juliana
Cynthia Jaden

Kerri Drear
Crystal Malcolm
Jessica Colden
Amber Norwell

La Mina
Mike Thomason
Ben Billings
Richard Barker
Mark Ashley

Jerrell Liddell
Cory Harville
Joey Regis
Robert Carver

The Four tribes are brought to a small island. They meet Jeff there.
Jeff: Welcome guys to Exile Island. Each week one of you will be exiled here for up to 3 days. Hidden on this island is a hidden Immunity Idol, which can be used AFTER the vote has been tallied. First we are going to have a Reward Challenge. This is for Flint, which will help you get fire, and safety from being the first person exiled. Each tribe needs to select one person to participate in this challenge. It’s sort of a race where you have to find a small key, which is inside a random skull. You’ll need to crush the skulls to find it. First three people to make it back to the finish line with their key will win Flint for their tribe and secure their entire tribe from being first Exiled. So who’s gonna be doing this challenge for each tribe. Bayoneta, who will be your representative in this challenge?
Abby: I will be
Jeff: Casaya?
Jessica: Me
Jeff: La Mina
Ben: I’ll be doing it
Jeff: Vivero
Cory: It’ll be me
Jeff: Alright, Cory, Ben, Jessica & Abby, get into place

**They get into place**

Jeff: On my mark, get set…GO!!!

**The four of them start racing and immediately all start having problems finding the right one, but Ben is able to find his quickly making La Mina the first tribe to win the Reward!
The other 3 keep working at it when suddenly Abby finds hers and runs back
Cory & Jessica pick up pace and both find theirs at the same time. They both run back, the first one to make it to the finish is…
CORY! **

Jeff: Casaya, one of you four will need to stay here while everyone else goes to their camps. Who will it be?

**The four women start to talk but Kerri makes it clear that she is calling the shots and Jessica backs her up**

Kerri: Jeff we have decided that Crystal is going to stay as we feel that the three of us will be more help setting up camp than she will be.

**Amber wishes Crystal good luck as everyone looks on in shock at Kerri’s comment**

Jeff: Alright, here are your maps to your beaches. Good luck and I’ll see you all at the Immunity Challenge!

**The tribes all set out, leaving Crystal all alone**

^Crystal: Being the first one exiled really sucks. I hope I am not screwed cause of it. I did not like how Kerri & Jessica felt they had the right to choose me without talking to me or Amber. I will definitely try and get them out.

**Crystal begins looking around camp trying to put together a small shelter to live in while she is here. She also reads the clue to where the idol is. **

~Abby, Kellie, Cynthia, & Karianne~
**The four girls enter camp, Cynthia & Karianne start working together on getting a shelter, Abby & Kellie work together to get fire**

~Cynthia & Karianne~
Cynthia: So what do you think of Abby & Kellie?
Karianne: Abby, and Kellie seem ok, good workers, but Kellie did nothing but just ramble on about herself on our way to camp. It was a bit on the annoying side.
Cynthia: I agree. You think there is any chance Abby would vote Kellie off first?
Karianne: I don’t know but it’s possible. We’ll have to talk to her
Cynthia: Yeah, sooner the better

^Karianne: I am so happy to be here playing Survivor. I hope I can make it far

^Cynthia: I am gonna do what I can to stick around til the end of this game, without lying. I think Karianne will help me do that

~Abby & Kellie~
Kellie: So we are totally gonna rule at the challenges. We’ll show them all that we are capable
Abby: Yeah, listen…
Kellie: Yeah and we will definitely be able to make it far cause of that and…
Abby: Yeah ok Kellie lets work, we really don’t have time to talk all day.
Kellie: Oh ok, I’m sorry

^Kellie: Well Abby doesn’t like to talk. She isn’t very nice either.

^Abby: Gosh, Kellie never shuts up. She just clings to me and it is so very annoying. I don’t know how long I can deal with her

~Kerri, Jessica & Amber~
**They all enter camp and Kerri & Jessica immediately start working together and Amber goes off on her own**

^Amber: Was all excited to be here but now I am a bit worried. Kerri is a bitch and Jessica just goes along with anything she says. It is making things uncomfortable already and we just got here. First chance I get, they are outta here!

~Kerri & Jessica~
Jessica: I am so happy to be here
Kerri: I know. Thankfully Crystal isn’t here

**They both laugh loud enough that Amber looks over suspiciously at them**

: I know, she would just be a waste at camp. No point in allowing her to come here, and waste space, while one of us cannot be here to do work
Kerri: Now Amber is off on her own doing god knows what. They are both a waste. We are definitely going to struggle until a switch or something occurs.
Jessica: I know, hopefully everything will work out for us both though
Kerri: Yeah, so we sticking together all the way
Jessica: Of course, no way we wouldn’t be

^Jessica: I have the perfect ally in Kerri. The two of us will make it far I’m sure. Amber & Crystal are so not going to make it to the merge, and both me and Kerri will so that should be enough to know that we are the better and stronger two out of us 4

^Kerri: I am so happy to have Jessica on my tribe. She is awesome. Sadly we got Amber who is socially stupid and Crystal who is so weak she’ll never make it far.

~Mike, Ben, Richard & Mark~
**All four of them start working on the shelter, but Mark starts complaining that he is tired and goes and lays on the beach while the other three do all the work**

~Ben, Mike & Richard~
: I wish I could just relax all day
Richard: I know
Mike: Maybe we should stick together if we were to go to tribal council?
Ben: Yeah of course, we are doing all the work so we are definitely more deserving to stay over him
Richard: So Mark’s gone the minute we go
Mike: Awesome deal

^Mike: So Mark thinks he’s going to have us all do the work and that he will go far, he’s got another thing coming

^Ben: I like Mike and Richard, I think the three of us will be awesome together, unstoppable even. It’ll be great to see us as the final three

^Richard: So I got an alliance with Mike and Ben already. It is very early for an alliance but I guess it is needed. I am fine with Mark going first but once we switch and stuff, there is no guarantee I am sticking with them

^Mark: Mike, Ben and Richard are doing all the work while I get to relax, excellent. I am being treated like a king, those three are so stupid, and there is no way they’ll gang up against me. I’m going to win, there’s no way anyone will be smart enough to vote me out

~Jerrell, Cory, Joey, & Robert~
**They all get together and race each other, having fun. Robert gets bored with it first and starts getting things together for a shelter**

^Robert: We have wasted a lot of time racing each other, it is already starting to get dark. We need a shelter, we need fire and we need water. We’ve got nothing tonight. We are gonna be struggling if we don’t get our acts together


~Cory, Jerrell & Joey~
Jerrell: I’m going to win this next race
Cory: Winner has to go find the water
Joey: You’re on

^Joey: We decided to do one last race and I figured I’d win so of course I agreed to Cory’s stupid deal

**The three guys race and Joey trips and this causes him to lose**

Joey: Alright rematch guys, I’m not getting the water

**Jerrell and Cory both laugh at this…**

Jerrell: yup you gotta you lost the race that was the deal
Cory: Yup
Joey: You two suck

**Joey storms off**

Cory: Um, ok
Jerrell: Actually he’s the one who sucks
Cory: Definitely
Jerrell: Has he forgotten we are playing Survivor here?
Cory: He must have, let’s go get the water together
Jerrell: Yeah we’ll get it done faster that way.

^Cory: the minute we get to camp things became very clear to me right away. Joey and Jerrell both wanted to just goof around and not get camp put together. Robert went along with it at first but I think he gets it and wanted to get things done around here so we can live peacefully. I continued to goof off with those two because I knew that going with Robert splits our tribe and in case we go to tribal soon it could be me that goes home. Trying to get in with all of the guys here

**The tribes all enter the challenge area one by one**
Jeff: Let’s bring in Crystal, fresh from Exile Island
**Crystal joins Bayoneta**
Jeff: So Crystal, any luck finding the idol?
Crystal: Maybe

**Jeff gets to telling them about the challenge, and they get into it. The first team to win is…


Meaning Bayoneta is headed to Tribal Council first! **

~Abby, Kellie, Cynthia, & Karianne~
**Cynthia, Karianne, Abby & Kellie all enter camp all gloomy, but Kellie tries to cheer everyone up**

Kellie: Alright, so we lost once everyone, it isn’t the end of the world, we will win next time
Cynthia: Yeah but one of us won’t be here to see that
Kellie: But the three of us still here will win and the one of us who is voted out will be happy to see their tribe succeed
Karianne: That would be nice but who is going to be that person
Abby: I don’t want it to be me, I did nothing wrong in the challenge and worked hard here at camp so I don’t deserve to be voted off first
Karianne: Oh but one of us do?
Abby: Yeah Kellie does
Kellie: What are you talking about?! I don’t want to be the first person voted out!

**Kellie starts crying**

Abby: Oh come on, don’t try crying. You annoy us all because you never shut up, it would be nice to have some peace and quiet.

**Kellie runs off to the shelter crying**

Karianne: That was wrong Abby
Abby: But it was the truth and someone needed to tell her it before she saw it on the show

**Abby walks off**

^Karianne: I hate to say it but Abby is right about us all being annoyed with Kellie, but I won’t vote for her over Abby now. That is what is most important

Cynthia: I cannot believe Abby had the nerve to do that
Karianne: I know, I hope she goes tonight
Cynthia: really? Alright I agree let’s do it
Karianne: Yeah of course

^Cynthia: So tonight Abby will be saying goodbye to this game. She made a mistake being so truthful to Kellie

~Abby & Kellie~

**Kellie’s still crying**

Abby: Listen Kellie, I’m sorry ok. It’s just that I wanted you to know the truth
Kellie: But...why…why did you have…have to say…say it…that way
Abby: I can’t help it, I just say it like it is. I didn’t mean to be mean about it
Kellie: Whatever
Abby: Yeah well whatever to you, your leaving tonight not me
Kellie: Yeah I know, now please leave me alone

^Abby: God, I cannot wait until Kellie is gone from here. I cannot stand her. I tried to be nice to her but she just threw it in my face. Whatever to her

~Cynthia, Karianne & Kellie~

**Cynthia & Karianne approach Kellie, they console her and tell her she isn’t the one leaving**

^Kellie: I want to believe Cynthia and Karianne that I’m not the one they wanted to vote out tonight but I believe that is exactly what they wanted to do before Abby spoke. I’m not sure there is anyone who can change what is going to happen tonight

~Abby, Kellie, Cynthia, & Karianne~

**The four girls enter Tribal Council, and put their torches in the flame to get fire; as fire represents life in Survivor**

Jeff: So Cynthia, how are things at camp?
Cynthia: Well Jeff, they haven’t been that pleasant.
Jeff: Why not Cynthia?
Cynthia: Well Abby felt the need to tell Kellie that she is annoying and that none of us like her
Abby: Which is true Jeff. I mean Cynthia and Karianne are going to act all friendly and stuff but fact is they were just as annoyed with her before I said anything. Then they felt bad for her cause she cried. Come on I mean why would you keep her in over me. I know they are planning on voting me tonight
Karianne: What makes you say that?
Abby: Kellie told me, duh
Karianne: Seriously Kellie?!
Kellie: it became apparent to me as soon as we got to camp that I was who everyone was planning to vote for, even before Abby made her comment. It made me realize that I don’t belong here and don’t want to go through this anymore. I know that Karianne and Cynthia only plan to vote Abby out cause of how she treated me but they don’t really want me here either. Tonight I am not quitting but I am making my stand here. My vote is going for Cynthia who I feel is the weakest person here. I ask Abby to vote with me and give me a chance to redeem myself.
Cynthia: Gee thanks Kellie, this is the thanks we get for trying to be nice to you
Abby: Like I said, I’m not leaving tonight
Jeff: Ok, well a lot has said, should make for an interesting vote, Abby you are first…

**Abby goes up & votes**

^Cynthia: Kellie, I wasn’t going to vote you but you really want out, so I guess that is what is happening

**Karianne goes up & votes**

^Kellie: Abby, I know that there is very little chance that my plea for you to vote for Cynthia is going to work and I’d rather vote for you as my only vote this game. I did like you in the beginning but you showed your true colors today and I don’t want anything to do with you

Jeff: I’ll go tally the votes…
The first vote…
2nd vote…
That is one vote Abby, and one vote Kellie
That is 2 votes Kellie, one vote Abby, final vote
Kelly, I need you to bring me your torch

**Kelly brings Jeff her torch**

Jeff: Kellie, The tribe has spoken

**Kelly walks out of the game**

Jeff: Well it seems Kellie tricked you all into voting her out, should make for some interesting talks back at camp. See you tomorrow

Kellie Wellesley: Abby, I know that there is very little chance that my plea for you to vote for Cynthia is going to work and I’d rather vote for you as my only vote this game. I did like you in the beginning but you showed your true colors today and I don’t want anything to do with you
Abby Lavelle: My vote tonight is for Kellie. As I have already said I cannot handle how annoying you are and so you need to go
Cynthia Jaden: Kellie, I wasn’t going to vote you but you really want out, so I guess that is what is happening
Karianne Juliana: Kellie, you made this choice for me. Yes I originally wanted you to go home over Abby but I do not feel right voting you out after what she did. However I cannot take the chance that Cynthia goes home since she is my only ally right now.

Kellie Wellesley: I know that I should have gone along with Karianne and Cynthia but I felt that even if I did, it would only keep me in the game for a very short while. They didn’t like me so things at camp were not going to get better. I couldn’t deal with that and so I orchestrated my own exit. I have no regrets on the way I handled myself and I am rooting for the other three teams to beat Bayoneta.
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Reality Survivor: Panama - Exile Island
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