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 Jeremy's Closing Statements

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PostSubject: Jeremy's Closing Statements   Jeremy's Closing Statements EmptySat May 04, 2013 5:02 pm

Hey, guys! I want to make these words short and sweet for you all. I respect the questions you asked and the statements you made, so I won't shove anything down your throats that I've already said. If you wanted to know something, you asked me.

My game was basic, but it wasn't baseless. I was strategic, but I worked hard to maintain my dignity and relationships, and I still made it to the end without compromising my integrity. And so, I'm proud of the way I played this game, and I would be even prouder to represent this cast as the winner of ORG Planet's Big Brother 1 game.

Shanna thinks I'm going to go after her game, and final words, but I really don't have anything else to add about her that I haven't already said. She played a fine game, a hard game, but I believe keeping yourself out of situations where people will target you makes a better player than someone who actively paints themselves as a target.

You're all comparing Shanna's game to Dan's, and mine to Ian, but there is a reason why Ian won. I'd prefer it be compared to Sandra and Russell in Heroes verses Villains. I came into this game with fractured relationships, a known 'villain' who worked hard to show that I really was a hero, and that my allies and friends from the past really COULD rely on me here. Sandra played a game where she kept herself alive and still made it to the end. It doesn't mean she didn't make moves- she made some amazing moves (as did I). She just didn't play the game Russell played, by stepping on whoever he needed to to get to the end.

In the end, kindness and loyalty should win out in a game with a jury like you. The reason why Shanna was able to take advantage of you was because you all played with that kindness and loyalty. And I hope you can all see that in me.

Plus, Nancy Botwin is just an amazing character.

Jeremy's Closing Statements Th_NancyBotwin

Seriously, no matter how this game turns out, I am so happy to have finally played with you guys again. And some of you for the first time! And the rest of you- for the first time in years and years. This experience has been beautiful, and representing you all and the way this game is meant to be played as the winner would be a genuine honor for me.

Thank you all.
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Jeremy's Closing Statements
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