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 Shanna's Closing Statement!

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Shanna's Closing Statement! Empty
PostSubject: Shanna's Closing Statement!   Shanna's Closing Statement! EmptySat May 04, 2013 3:03 pm

Allo! Sorry it took me so long to actually getting around to posting this. Life has been busy, but I'm sure you all understand that. Plus, since I promised no lies... I didn't want to be the first to post their Closing Statement since... I can't REALLY say anything in my defense if Jeremy decides to call my game into question. While I don't think he will, this is for the finals! Jeremy, it might seem like I'm attacking your game, but I'm really not. I meant it when I said that we both like, deserve to win for different reasons. You played your game and I played mine. Just, in bettering your gameplay, you said some things against mine and I'm going to... talk about it.

Anyway, I think I've given myself a good defense and answered your (the jury) questions to the best of my ability. Do I still think I deserve to win, even over Jeremy? Hell yes! Just gunna touch on some of the comments he made about my gameplay and leave it at that.

So, since I lied and just backstabbed everybody who I talked to, that means that I played an easy game? While I can admit (and have) that it's rather easy to lie to somebody over the internet, a hell of a lot more than it is in real life, I don't think that choice made my game downright easy. So, is it easy to lie to somebody, or blindside? Yeah, it is. It's living/working with the after effects of that decision that makes playing this sort of game hard. The hard part isn't in lying, it's in securing your own safety after.

It's great for me to hear that Niki would have still worked with me, assuming she won HOH after me blindsiding Stacie. Still, I had no idea of this at the time. I (and I believe rightfully so) believed that If ANYONE besides me or Cam won an HOH after what I did to Stacie, I'd be going home. I mean... that's what I would do Razz The moment you start lying and shit you name yourself as a strategic player and I came out very aggressive in this game, nobody can deny that. I rightfully/thankfully/luckily alined myself with up with Cam, somebody who clearly dominated in challenges, just to secure myself. I could always count on him to put in his best effort for winning any comp, which worked out well for me. Still, we were two people against 4 others and I didn't see the odds exactly stacked in out favour, which is why I thankfully/luckily approached Jeremy, JUST in case there was a week where neither Cam or I won the needed challenges. Plus, we could always use another friend. Anyway, now we're getting to stuff I already covered.

Point being, once I started my 'evilness', every comp was do or die for me. That is how I viewed it and I think it shows in my challenge wins. This type of game versus the wonderful, no lies attached type game is SIGNIFICANTLY harder. If you don't lie to anyone and stick to your alliance, which is headed by someone else, you don't piss anyone off. The only person Jeremy pissed off in this entire game was Niki... how was that hard, compared to me, the girl who pissed most people off.

Neither Jeremy or Michael pissed people off in this game... either did Cam, so I knew going up against ANY of them, I'd have no shot at winning, strictly because of my gameplay. I understand it hurts peoples feelings and nobody likes it, but don't say it's an easy route to take. It's hard!

Another little thing I'd like to comment on is the the competition wins. As Jeremy started in another thread, Cam won 5, I won 4, and he comes next with 2... As I kinda said above, I (and could probably add Cam in this as well) HAD to win these challenges which is why we won so many. Sure, Jeremy won the ones he needed, but I just think it shows how much harder of a game I faced, especially in comparison to him. He ONLY needed to win 2, one was a POV, which if he didn't win, he would have been safe anyway, and the other was an HOH, which, if he didn't win, he'd STILL be safe. Well, I mean, I guess I can't say he would have 100% been safe, but neither Cam or I would have ever cast a vote against him, not with Michael still around.

And as much as I love alliances and.. being with people.. I played this game for myself. I wasn't confident enough in my security with anybody to throw a single challenges, so yes, I worked my ass off for the notorious 'worthless HOH' of BB. For good reason too! As basically shown, Jeremy would have always picked Michael over me, so if I didn't win that HOH, I'd be on the jury, not Cam. It's only worthless unless you're the one securing final three. It gave me no power, but it kept me alive in this game so I could go to the final 3... and look who happened to win that HOH, in a very do or die kinda dealo since... Jeremy and Michael would never separate... trust me, I tried convincing BOTH to ditch each other *mumbles*

I dunno, I FELT like I played a hard game. Not a week went by that I wasn't plotting or scheming... or crying lol which I don't think can be said for anybody else in this house. Like I've said all along, respect my gameplay choice but don't ever go and call it easy. Easy is having everyone in the house love you... or even forget about you. I mean, one of the reason I chose Jeremy out of his alliance to approach is because... he was... forgotten about? At least to me, and imho. I mean, Amanda and Michael were the targets. I mean, like I said, I don't wanna attack his gameplay (like so many have attacked mine) because being quiet and not doing... much of anything, worked out well for him in the end but... like... how is THAT hard? It's not! It's easy to not try on challenges and to not talk to anyone. The harder route is to put yourself out there as an agressive bitch and... suffer the consequences.

Anyway, I HOPE you've all taken the time to read through some of my more... lengthy posts, particularly when I explain why I did what I did. I would LOVE to win this game. I think I clearly deserve it. I really hope you all would just... sit down and set aside all the politics or friendships and examine this game and how choices were made. If you think that Jeremy deserves to win this game, even after everything I've said to explain myself, than go ahead. I won't hold it against anyone. this IS just a game but... Yikes! Although I won't hold it against you personally... if that's the type of game you think deserves a win over the kind I play... perhaps we shall never discuss reality TV shows :D

Just... I'm sorry, but the way I see it, I 100% (150% hehehe) deserve to win this game. No question, really. I deserve it... I outplayed (almost) all of you and am responsible for putting (most of you) where you are. If the person responsible for putting over half the jury in the jury house doesn't deserve to win... well, then okay. We clearly just share different views on that particular matter, but I'll never hold it against everyone. There's lots of Shanna love to go around!

I guess (as I kinda said in another post) I wanted to go out and make a statement, ya know, make some sort of name for myself so that I'm not going to be "Shanna, the newb" or "Shanna, the one we can just get rid of because nobody cares". I joined this site to play and every game I sign up for, I sign up for to play. While I certainly hope I don't get like, typecast, like Michael mentioned, I'd rather be "Shanna, the scheming bitch" than either of the other two. Of course I'd loved to be thought as "Shanna, the great player" but.. hehe, I understand that may not happen Smile

Anyway, thanks for everything! I had a blast playing this game, I really did. Sure, it's because I played the game that I did that made it so exciting, but that's how it goes. It certainly was fun, signing on and seeing what was up. Thanks Pete, it was a great idea and I loved... pretty much every moment of it. I'd love to win... I REALLLLLLLLY would.

Ah! I just remembered something that Jeremy did say, which only makes me want to add it more onto the 'I played a harder game' rant Smile

He mentioned something in a thread saying that Cam and Niki are the only two to hate on his game, simply because he voted to evict them (personally) just like... proves I played a harder game. If Niki and Cam are not supporting him SOLELY because you're the one responsible for evicting them than.. uh.. what does that mean for me? Johnny and Donna aside, I personally went on a mission evicting Amanda, Michael and Stacie so... I have a much higher road to climb here than him, just like I did throughout the game. So... my game was a much harder and... dare I say, possibly more deserving.

As stated before, I came in here with no allies or friends... so.. ya know... READ my other posts because I've typed enough on here.


*Watches Jeremy butcher me in his own closing speech, followed by coming in second place*

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Shanna's Closing Statement!
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