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 Dona's jury stuff

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Star Sapphire
Star Sapphire

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PostSubject: Dona's jury stuff   Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:46 pm

Congrats Shanna and Jeremy! I wasn't in the game long enough to know what went on. So my only question is:

Why did you vote me out and who's idea was it?
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Star Quartz
Star Quartz

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PostSubject: Re: Dona's jury stuff   Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:45 am

Hello, Donna!

I know... you left you house super early so your decision must be the hardest since... there was no huge drama before you left, not like there was afterward, but you don't have a lot to base you decision on. I could go onto another rant here about how I'd like you vote, but I pretty much mentioned all that jazz in every Jury question thingy.

I DID vote to evict you, so I won't try and deny that fact. In the beginning, it was actually me and Cam nominated so, I already had a bad feeling about that week considering nobody likes being nominated. Niki, who was HoH, guaranteed me that Cam was the target the entire week, so after he won the PoV and took us both off, I can probably assure you that you weren't the 'intended' target.

Now, as for why did I evict you... well, to put it simply, it was because that was what everyone in the house was doing. At this point in time, I had approached Johnny to get me into his alliance. I really wanted to be with somebody, anyone really, and when I wasn't seeing it happen, I went to him for help. So, this was more of a statement of me actually NOT being a lying, backstabbing bitch, since I chose to evict you, not my current ally.

So, my reason for evicting you is simply because I was with Johnny and I wanted to remain true to my 'buddy'. The reason I chose him over you is also because you hadn't been very active, especially compared to him. Johnny was participating in all of these games and even starting some of his own. He was always quick to throw his opinion around, while you, were rather quite. That is the main reason I think everyone ese chose to evict you.

Now, as I've mentioned in other posts, if I could change my vote that week, I would have gladly kept you. I think you and I would have ended up working together. We WERE in the same bedroom and being in the same bedroom and being his partner was like, the only reason Cam and I ended up being friends. At this point, I wasn't exactly thinking about my own game, but I should have tried to form some sort of an alliance with you. As I said in other posts, I felt like I was an outcast, not exactly fitting into any of the 'groups' around the site that.... came in here with pre-existing alliances. You, I'm pretty sure, fit right into the same category as me and I should have used that as ground to befriend you. If I was smart, you me and Cam could have been our own dominating force in the house and I wouldn't have had to do all the lying and backstabbing that I did. I suppose, to put it simply, I could have/should have aligned myself with you and played a clean game.

But sadly, I was being stupid at this point. I swear, if you had made it to live another week, we probably would have been allies because once you left I was like... jeeze, I'm next on the chopping block.. eck! and started doing... the shit the jury house hates me for Smile

I do suggest you read some of the other posts and stuff, I pretty much explained my gameplay and why I think I deserve to win over Jeremy... Sadly, writing this little thingy up is making me late for work, so I can't really spend a lot of time 'convincing' you to vote for me for the win.

I don't think I 'betrayed' your trust or anything, which for me, is a plus Smile I did think that at the time, evicting you was the smart thing to do, even if it wasn't. I had a thingy with Johnny, so I didn't want to see him gone. The whole house was going after inactive people, so even if I had chosen to keep you, you still would have been evicted. I was just 'going with the flow' and I hope you can see that. As I said above, I really wish I had been smart enough to see the logic in keeping you, buy.. I didn't have my game face on at this point, so sorry!

Hopefully we can work together after this Smile I certainly won;t overlook you again. Now, since I already have a shit name here, I'll be starting every game with my 'game face on' so... don't hate me Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Dona's jury stuff   Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:37 am

It's nice to see you again, Donna!

I don't know if you remember me, but I used to play with you and Survivorfire/Michael a lot outside of this site, at altreality, and in some semi-gamesthatsuck games. You're an ORG legend, so seeing you here in this game at the beginning was pretty exciting for me. I felt like I had an ally right off the bat.

Unfortunately, we really didn't talk much (if at all), and never really got the chance to work together. I can't see my bedroom right now, but I know Michael, Amanda, and I all really discussed voting for either you or Johnny as a block. Niki was the HOH, Steven/Mono had been voted out, and You/Johnny were up for eviction.

So, the only people really voting were Myself, Michael, Stacie, Mandie, Cam, and Shanna. With Six votes, the threesome of Michael/Mandie/and I had significant power in this vote. The house consensus was you, though, and it looked like it would be 3-3 even if we all voting as a block against Johnny.

I know the most significant reason for why Johnny was spared, at least with my alliance, was because he was new to the site and you've already played. Since it was so early, and there really weren't any good reasons to keep or eliminate someone. Johnny was new to the site, and we wanted to give him the opportunity for a longer experience so that he would be more open to play more games with us. I hope you can understand that reasoning, and maybe you would have done the same thing under the circumstances.

I never really found out who the stray vote was during your round, though. Always just assumed it was Stacie.

So, essentially, there were three reasons why you were voted out. One, because no one wanted to force a tie that early in the game. Two, everyone was just meeting Johnny and wanted to get to know him better. And three, you are an ORG legend for a reason, Donna. I'm not sure if you had many allies in this game, but when the majority is not with you, and they see an easy out, they're all going to take it. Especially with someone as prolific as you is vulnerable.

Thanks for the question!
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PostSubject: Re: Dona's jury stuff   

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Dona's jury stuff
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