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 Johnny's Jury Question

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Star Burst

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PostSubject: Re: Johnny's Jury Question   Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:00 am

Before I address the jury I just want to address the house and say something. I knew coming in here I had no chance because you all know each other, but I still wanted to play. Overall, I was so frustrated with this game. I felt like I was extremely active and wanted to be here and to be voted out over people who were obviously not as committed hit a sore spot. The challenges I felt there was so much minimal effort, (I’m not sure if it was better after week 3), like the buzzer challenge for example. Plus being put on the block when I was one of the few people NOT to get a penalty for inactivity. In the end I’m not ticked anymore, but I just really was disappointed that inactivity (for a game that is rare to play online these days) won over commitment. Let’s not face it, there’s not thousands of people breaking down the doors to play online Big Brother.

On to the Final 2

Jeremy - I wanted to get to know you and it just never worked out. It’s nothing personal and I think you’re a nice person. Due to the fact that I was evicted so early and we never spoke I will keep this short and sweet.

Simply tell me why Shanna should not win. In my eyes, simply because of the fact that I know so little about your game, she crushes when it comes to getting my vote.

I do not want you to explain to me why you should win, I just want you to give me that one sole reason that she shouldn’t win and my vote is yours. I wish you the best of luck.

Shanna - I do feel as though you played the Evil Dan game this go round. You specifically used the words “manipulated” and “used” in your speech and you had no qualms with telling us all how you outplayed us. I’m not saying there is anything fundamentally wrong with this strategy, but I’m just putting it out there.

Here is the problem that I’m facing in giving you my vote, Shanna. You claim that you should be voted for because you “outplayed” me and my fellow jurors. However, this is not ACTUAL Big Brother and we all are sitting in the comfort of our own homes.

I’ve been clueless to really ANYTHING that has been going on since week 3.

You also stated in your speech that at the time of the game in which I was evicted you weren’t WITH anybody and you DIDN’T vote to evict me. I’m sure it’s possible Niki or Stacie voted me out, but unfortunately I don’t know the votes. Fundamentally speaking, you may have outplayed the other people on the jury -- but you just told me that you voted to keep me and you weren’t in any kind of alliance and wanted to “join” me. How is that outplaying me? Unless you are lying? It seems, at least in my eyes, that you either overhyped yourself in your speech to give the lesser informed jurors a reason to vote for you, or you just have illusions of grandeur.

Unfortunately, I have little idea of any details on what happened after my eviction and I started a new job so I was not on the message boards as much. So based on your statements Shanna, on what merit should I vote for you to win when I have so little information on strategies, votes, competitions, etc. When in MY EYES, you have played a pretty much similar game to Jeremy. I say this simply on the fact that I am CLUELESS, so I need some convincing.

I do want to say, that I am not discrediting your success in this game and congratulations on making it to the end. I don’t want to come off as disrespectful in anything I’ve said as I am just being honest and getting things out there because I do love this game and I want to make the right decision on a winner. We did have a few nice conversations, and good luck!
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Star Quartz
Star Quartz

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PostSubject: Johnny's Jury Question   Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:02 am

Hello, Johnny. For starters, I'd just like to comment on how I completely agree with what you said towards the beginning. This game... did get frustrating at time do to 'minimal effort' of the other people. I believe I honestly missed one challenge, which was a complete mistake. All of the other ones, I worked my butt off for, which is one of the reasons I was so successful. I mean, my first HoH, Niki and I were the only people to both showing up. Stacie came... late... and Cam was the previous HoH, so he didn't need to be there but... it didn't exactly get any better. While towards the end of the game... people did 'try' more... it was still pathetic. I honestly believe if everyone tried as hard for challenges as I (and Cam Smile ) did, Cam and I wouldn't have been the dominating force, like we were... and I wouldn't likely be here.

And, I also understand what it felt like coming into this game not knowing anybody. I know you probably don't know, but I had no allies coming into this house. I'm was/still am new to these boards and know nobody outside of this BB game. While a lot of people here seem rather friendly, I still knew nobody coming in and had no 'pre-existing' relationships with anyone, which, towards the beginning of the game, I really found hurt me. It seemed that everyone knew each other and knew how others would likely play this game. Just by seeing Jeremy's opening statement... even HE knew people. Whether people want to admit it or not, there were pre-existing relationships in this game that defined alliances.... which me, being knew, couldn't be a part of. At the beginning of the game it actually frustrated me a lot... because everyone had alliances and I had nobody... Which is why I deciced to get off my lazy butt and make some.

I mean, I understand not everyone will respect me or vote for me... but I DO know that some people might be giving Jeremy a vote simply because they know him more and like him more, not basing anything off this entire game. I expect that to happen and... it certainly sucks being the only stranger and loosing the game based on THAT.

Now, to get to your ACTUAL question, hehe.

I do believe that, overall, I outplayed people. I don't mean you or Donna specifically, but just in a whole. As I said in the opening statement (or I could have missed it because I wrote a bunch of shit explaining my game) I didn't actually REALLY start my evilness until the round that Stacie was evicted. I plotted and got rid of Stacie... and Amanda (once I couldn't get rid of Michael)... and Niki... I will take the majority of the blame for them leaving. Cam... was a mistake, and Michael.. I obviously got eliminated and am responsible for. When I say I outplayed the house, I just mean I played a better game than them because I'm the one who managed to get them eliminated. Obviously, I'm a fan of "Evil Dan', and if given the chance, would marry "Dr. Will" in a heartbeat.

When I say I outplayed and manipulated... sure, maybe it was over-hyped because I didn't do any of that shit to you or Donna, mainly because it was early into the game and I was still wondering around like a lost puppy. Still, looking at my track record SINCE having you two leave.. I mean... I'm sorry.. .but I think it speaks for itself.

I don't like... trying to over-hype myself and I'm not doing it to rub it into anybodies face. I just think that out of everyone in the house, I played the best game. I won like.. a shit load of challenges, I got the people out I needed to get when I needed to further my game. I made friends when I needed to... For a BB game, I think I did alright.

This is clearly not a 'real BB' game, seeing as I'm sitting down on a PC right now, talking to all of you. One thing that I think hindered the game was the fact that nobody was active...and it WAS hard to see where peoples true alliance when you can't physically see them. (It's online so..can't do much about it but.. still.. making a point). I mean, in a real BB game, your living with these people, so even if you're stupid, you can always tell that ___ is talking to ___. it's also a lot easier in a real game to... make friends with somebody you don't know, particularly if you're living with them. I've personally been sending massive PM's, just ask Michael or Cam.. I like my long-ass messages mainly because I wanted this to feel like a real game. In a real game... the same stuff happens. People lie and backstab each other... all that jazz...

Anyway, kinda getting a little off-topic there, but you DID bring it up.

Just to summarize and... to re-answer and re-clarify stuff, I DO think outplayed the house, as a whole, maybe not particular people (I will make that amendment), but as a whole, I played an amazing game. I came in with NO existing relationships and had no idea who was with who... and based my decisions on what I saw... mainly generalizing people into the bedrooms, since that's how people seemed to be putting people up... and just a vibe. So, maybe I didn't outplay you or Donna specifically, since I can admit to just going with the flow for voting out Donna (not thinking of my own game) and since I wanted to be in an alliance with you, I didn't backstab you and vote you out. I did vote to evict Niki that round.

So... yeah, I think I played a good game, certainly very different than Jeremy is game-play. I truly do respect Jeremy, so I'm not going to sit here and bring his game-play and choices into question. You'll hear enough about him once he responds. But... my only comment on that area is that I was a lot...riskier than Jeremy and pulled more strategic stuff. While I think he played a great game in his own right, mine was a lot...different, and I don't think they're easily compared. Just my 2 cents!

But, (here comes my evil comment).... I'm here and you're in the jury house... Clearly, somewhere along the way, my gameplay beats out yours. I didn't manipulate you Donna, that much IS true... but I don't think I'm having illusions of grandeur by saying that I played the best game Smile

Whew, I think I'm done? I hope that answers your question. Told ya I like my long ass answers! I geuninly did enjoy playing with you and I hope, looking back on everything I did, you won't take any of my decisions personally.

Hope you understand what I'm trying to get across Smile
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Star Burst
Star Burst

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PostSubject: Re: Johnny's Jury Question   Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:09 pm

Thank you, good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: Johnny's Jury Question   Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:05 am

Hello, Johnny!

First off, thank you for being blunt in telling me that earning your vote will be an uphill battle. I can understand why you feel this way, and I will do my best to convince you that I am worthy of your vote.

You want my answer to be simple, why Shanna should "not win." Well, simply, Shanna played a much easier game than I did. I know you've been hearing that her game was much harder than mine, but most of the time those words have come straight from her. How hard is it to lie? How hard is it to say you'll vote one way, or save someone, but then go back on your word as soon as it's inconvenient for you? There is a reason why that is looked down upon in society, and it's because there is no difficulty to selfish actions. And while you may survive into another day, you'll have done it by stomping on other people.

The harder game is to be faithful to your allies and NOT lie. And while I let others win challenges in the beginning of the game, a historically successful Big Brother strategy, I played and won the challenges I needed to win. I broke the tie vote between Niki and Shanna (one of the many times I sided with an ally over a self-serving move), with my HOH and I single-handedly voted Cam out of the game with a POV win.

I was tempted many times to break away from my alliance and make selfish moves for my own benefit, but I never did. And now I'm sitting in the same place Shanna is: the final two. Shanna says she earned her spot by 'outplaying' you all, but I earned it by keeping myself alive in the face of adversity while never going against my word. Should Shanna really be praised for doing the exact opposite? Should she be the face of ORG Planet's very first Big Brother game? As a juror, I'd much rather not have a winner that screwed me over for her own benefit. I'd prefer the guy who made it to the end stepping on as few toes as possible.

Of course, in a game with so many good-guys, I can't go around boasting like I was the only one who made selfless moves throughout. One or two people making a few 'evil' moves in a sea of kind players stick out a lot more than the rest of us, and I can understand how it would be easy to mistake that for 'good' game-play. I know that, even though Shanna believes I'll only get one-dimensional votes based on my past histories with you, the jury will vote with their hearts and their heads for who they feel truly played the more difficult game; who played the game they would have wanted to play it; and who deserves the extremely honorable title of winner in ORG Planet's very first Big Brother game.

Oh, and for the record I didn't vote for you either, Johnny. I'm sure Pete can confirm that if you'd like.

Thank you for your great question!
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Star Burst
Star Burst

Posts : 187
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PostSubject: Re: Johnny's Jury Question   Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:56 am

Thank you sir, good luck.
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Star Emerald
Star Emerald

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PostSubject: Re: Johnny's Jury Question   Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:04 pm

Johnny just FYI I didn't vote you out either.. Kinda impossible seeing I was on the block against you lol. Hope you stick around OrgP! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Johnny's Jury Question   

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Johnny's Jury Question
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