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 Jeremy's Opening Statement

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PostSubject: Jeremy's Opening Statement   Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:33 am

Thank you everyone for your patience with me today, I just got off of a double shift and had to do laundry before I could write this out. It's now past 1 AM for me, and I've been thinking about you and this game all day. I really want to steer-clear from walls-of-text right now, and I'll save most of my gameplay for answers to questions and closing statements.

A lot of you know me from way back in 2005/9 when was in its heyday and we used to play these games together all the time. I grew up with a lot of you (was barely 17 when I started in ORGs). Donna, Steven, Niki, Amanda, Michael, Stacie, Cam, and Michael- I've either played with you in the past, or I've hosted you, or you've hosted me. Cam, I think you actually won my Battle Royale game way back in 2007ish. Donna, we've been in more alliances together than I can count (mostly with another Michael we both adored). Niki and Stacie, you played with me in some of my first ever ORGs. Steven/Mono, I know we played together at least once. You were kind of new when I met you (2008?), and I was excited that you were my partner in the beginning. Michael, we've worked together through Amanda in a number of games (Xmen, Red Carpet), but I loved actually getting to work with you one-on-one here. Amanda, as always it has been a privilege playing withyou. In all of the games we've played, I've either screwed you or you've screwed me (but I've always screwed you harder). I wanted this game to be different, no matter what I was going to be loyal to you (and by extension, your allies [Michael/Stacie?]). I feel like I was able to maintain loyalty and honesty throughout this game. And I hope you were able to see that.

After Altreality became ORG Planet, a lot of the regulars started disappearing or heading off to 'Games That Suck,' but the core group of players always stuck behind out of loyalty, and the genuine fun we've always had at Amanda's sites. When ORG Planet first started, I joined in with the first survivor game, but unfortunately I was the first person voted out. Because of work and other responsibilities, my participation over the years has dropped, even though my love of playing these games never has.

So, when I saw that we were playing a long-form big brother game, I thought- Perfect! And then when I saw that I knew most of the cast, I got really excited. I've been waiting for a reunion for years, and what better way to do it than with a big game like this? And I was really happy to see some new faces (Shanna and Johnny). Although Johnny and I never really clicked in this game, it was a real treat to work with Shanna during the second half.

Unfortunately, as most games go nowadays, this game wasn't nearly as active (from my perspective) as the games used to be. But fortunately, because of my insane schedule, it worked out. I was in a room with Amanda and Michael, my closest old-friend from Alt, and her closest friend. I figured that Stacie and Amanda would work together, and we could just run along old-school lines and rule the game. I was sooooo wrong.

Being wrong turned out to be amazing, though, and power shifts ran rampant. It was just as big a challenge to keep your allies as it was to keep yourself safe, do well (but never too well, unless you needed it) in challenges, and still maintain solid relationships with the cast. I feel like I maintained that balance well.

I look forward to answering your questions and receiving your statements. It's been a long time since I've been in a final two, and I don't think it will happen again for a long time (if ever). So, I'm genuinely excited to participate in this final segment, and I'm super humbled to have the privilege of being in front of a jury of some of my oldest online friends.

Overall, I'm happy with the way I played this game and the people I played it with. Shanna is a wonderful person to be sitting in this final two with, and I'm very happy to have met her here. We've both gamed our hearts out (in completely different ways), and I can't wait to see how this all plays out!
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Jeremy's Opening Statement
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