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Star Quartz
Star Quartz

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PostSubject: HoH   Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:11 pm

I.. feel at a huge disadvantage with this challenge and after spending so much effort into this game.. it sucks.. *le sigh*

Anyway, I don't know like.. any of these answers because I'm still rather new here and don't know anybody with the exception of Niki outside of the game. I suppose it was my own fault... not really getting to know anyone. But still.. coming so far in this game to loose (since we all know I'll be getting evicted) so easily... by a fucking challenge about people I don't know... angers me! I would have rather gotten backdoored weeks ago. I know it sounds like I'm complaining about the game/challenge, but I'm not. I can accept my own failures but it doesn't mean I have to without bitching.

It's a fair competition.. I'm just... in a bad mood and this certainly didn't help.

Donna- a) Snake #55
Johnny- d) All of the above #8
Stacie- c) Johnny #28
Amanda- c) Janelle Pierzina #14
Niki- c) Angie Miller #12
Cam-d) My milkshake #73

OMFG! I don't know any of these answers...... or.... not many of them *cries*

*cries some more*


Okay... I'm done now... Smile
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