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 some of my favorite stores

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Amanda Leigh
Amanda Leigh

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some of my favorite stores Empty
PostSubject: some of my favorite stores   some of my favorite stores EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 7:38 pm

When I go out during the day when I am bored there are several shops I like to go to.

Bath and Body works - i love their bath gel. you can never have too much smell good stuff.
Ulta - I'm always looking for hair products and make up to try. Pantene quit making a product of theirs that I use and I haven't found a suitable replacement yet.
Charming Charlie - They have such a cute store. I wouldn't mind working there. all their stuff is color coordinated, and they have such cute accessories.
Yankee Candle Store - I buy a lot of their tarts, cause they are only two bucks and they burn nicely in my burner. But I truly love their candles, I just can't always afford to drop the bucks for them.
Candy World - Who doesn't love sour balls? And that's about the only place I can find an assortment of them
Pier 1 - I like to look around in this store but I don't always make a purchase. Totally pricey.
Kirklands - Same as above ^^^^
Lush - Bath Bombs aka bath fizzy balls, total epicness. I try to buy 4 - 6 at a time, but the price can add up fast. Ugh. lol
Half Price Books - You never know what you might find. I bought a book recently there by one of my favorirt authors, unfortunately it's volume 2 and I haven't found volume 1 yet lol
PetSmart - I like to look at fish stuff and dog clothes. LOL one day im going to find something cute that my fat cat will wear. Razz
Starbucks - Since moving last August, I am now addicted to caramel frappuccinos. It's hard not to stop at a Starbucks when I go out. Neutral
Best Buy - I like to see what PS3 games are on sale or have dropped in price, I also like to just look around at movie's and cd's.

This list is totally random, I know lol

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some of my favorite stores
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