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Star Quartz
Star Quartz

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PostSubject: Thoughts   Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:05 am


So... I totally predict that I will be going home this week. I originally had an alliance with just Cam.. and everything wasd going fine untill I freaked out over loosing the HOH last round. I knew Niki was going to be going after us... even though I did win the HOH, it was just a matter of time. I decided to make a final four deal with Niki, Cam, me and Stacie... or that's what I told Niki. I KNOW Stacie doesn't like me, Niki even said it to me herself. The only reason I could think of was her still being pissed that I saw through her Mafia game lies and ended up convincing people to vote her out. I'm sorry but that's just immature. I certainly didn't want to work with somebody who I knew secretly hated me, so yes, I lied and got rid of her.

I certainly was smart ion my choice and she felt the need to send me a nasty messages after evicting her. I don't understand why people are so personal. this is an online game, get over it. Plus, this is Big Brother... Why are people so upset and surprised when somebody lies? You'd think they've never seen the show or something.

Anyway, now everyone hates me, Or.. Niki does and she's a huge competitor and will nominate me and Cam if she wins. Amanda and Michael probably will too because I lied to their precious Stacie. I tried to get Jeremy on my side and he seems down for it but I dunno if I can trust him. I always assumed he was with Michael and Amanda but he didn't vote the same as Michael... or I'm assuming he was the one who voted to evict Stacie...

If Cam doesn't win this HOH, it'll be a miracle if I survive. I'll just be mega disappointed if people are all 'mad' at me for lying and scheming. It's just a game! Hopefully not everyone is a immature as Stacie!
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