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PostSubject: thoughts..   Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:05 pm

AHH. So nervous about this eviction. I realllllly didn't wanna have to nominate one of my allies (Stacie and Johnny) but HAD to after Cam won the veto.

Really hoping they vote out Donna and not Johnny. I know Stacie and hopefully Michael and Mandie will vote out Donna.. not sure about the others.

As far as people in this game go, like I said, my allies are Stacie and Johnny. I trust both of them 100%. I would like to trust Mandie seeing she is my partner but I know she has a ton of friends so not sure where she stands.. and she hasn't contacted me at all about the game since that time she replied to me in the beginning.. I am betting Cam and Shanna are gunning for me seeing I nominated them. Jeremy is a wildcard.. I have no clue whether to trust him or not.. I don't trust Donna.. I don't think she likes me much.. she wanted to get me out of the Witches game super early when she was a killer.. also she tends to always vote against me in everything.. Sad I trust Michael for the most part.. he seems to like me well enough, plus he is partners with Stacie and I think she has some influence on him.

Anyways.. yeah those are my thoughts..
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