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 nomination thoughts

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PostSubject: nomination thoughts   Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:40 pm

I posted my thoughts about noms, and then my actual noms in the HOH room, but I wanted to post the PM I sent in reply to Shanna asking me for her safety here, just cuz it shows my thought process:

Hi Shanna, I'm Niki. Smile It's nice to get to know you! You were awesome in that mafia game by the way!

AHHH this really sucks cuz I totally thought the partner thing was just
for the first round Sad I had in mind two people whom I wanted to
nominate who weren't as active as the rest of us- Cam and Jeremy. Both
are nice guys but I'm trying to be fair here.. However, I go to do so,
and Pete tells me that Jeremy is not eligible to be nominated, as he has
lost his partner and he will automatically advance to the ~merge or
whatever you wanna call it when we all play as individuals. He also told
me that like last round, I have to nominate people who are already
partners. I like you and you actually remind me of myself a lot, so I
wanna be upfront and honest with you.. before this HOH challenge began,
two people approached me for a deal that we wouldn't nominate eachother,
and I accepted, seeing as noone had approached me yet and I tend to be
kinda shy to start off in these games and usually end up stuck with no
allies, or maybe just one, lol. I like you too and want to see you stick
around in this game and perhaps work together down the road if you
still wanna, but the problem is, Pete told me that I HAD to nominate
people with their partners, and I am not able to nominate Jeremy (as I
said before), or Mandie (as she is my partner). The two people that
offered me deals are each part of a different pairing so I can't
nominate their pairs.. I am the type of person who always keeps my word
in these games cuz it means a lot to me.. (yeah I know lame, but oh well

I'm too nice, I guess). Anyways.. basically, my only choice is to
nominate you and Cam unfortunately, which sucks. If you had messaged me
before one of the others then I would have def kept you safe cuz I like
you. But yeah.. It sucks and I really don't want your feelings hurt or
anything which is why I am being 100% honest with you.. I am forced to
nominate you guys.. but I am going to plead to the house to vote out
Cam, as he has two penalty points now (kinda like last round we all
voted out the inactive). I will campaign for you to stay, and you should
too! Also, there is always the veto, so play for that too! I promise I
will do my absolute best to get the house to keep you over Cam. I really
hope you understand why I have to do this and aren't mad at me. *hug*

why would you think Stacie and Michael hate you? If it's anything to do
with that mafia game that was just them playing.. that's what they do..
I really don't think they hate you.. Michael is a really sweet guy and
wouldn't hurt a fly. Stacie is usually a bandwagoner in the mafia type
games and having her first bad role was prob hard for her so she had to
try and make people believe you were wrong. But I doubt she hates you.

again, hope you don't hate ME after all this.. and I hope we can still
become friends regardless, cuz you seem awesome Smile
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nomination thoughts
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