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 HOH #3 BB questions

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PostSubject: HOH #3 BB questions   Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:35 am

1 ~ What is the name of the first Big Brother winner? Eddie McGee
2 ~ Who is the first ever Head of Household in Big Brother history? Mike "Boogie" Malin
3 ~ Who was the fourth person eliminated from Big Brother 2? Mike "Boogie" Malin was fourth evicted.. UNLESS you count Justin being expelled, then technically, it's Shannon Dragoo.
4 ~ Who was the third place finisher from Big Brother 2? Monica Bailey
5 ~ Who was the oldest contestant in Big Brother 3? Gerald "Gerry" Lancaster
6 ~ Who is the first POV holder in Big Brother history? Gerald "Gerry" Lancaster
7 ~ Who is the first person to have the POV used on them? Marcellas Reynolds
8 ~ Who placed 12th in Big Brother 3? Lori Olson
9 ~ Who was the youngest houseguest in Big Brother 3? Amy Crews
10 ~ Who was the first person to ever be evicted while holding the POV? Marcellas Reynolds
11 ~ Who was the youngest houseguest that were exes in Big Brother 4? David Lane and Michelle Meradie
12 ~ Who won the most HoH competitions in Big Brother 4? Alison Irwin and Jee Choe each won 2
13 ~ What was the name of the main alliance in Big Brother 2? Chilltown
14 ~ What was the name of winner of Big Brother 5? Drew Daniel
15 ~ Who was the first person evicted after jury started in Big Brother 6? Jennifer Vasquez = first jury member
16 ~ Who won the most POV challenges in Big Brother 6? James Rhine
17 ~ Who was the runner up in Big Brother 3? Danielle Reyes
18 ~ Who returned to the game in Big Brother 6 after being evicted previously? Kaysar Ridha
19 ~ Who has been evicted the most times in Big Brother history? Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar Ridha and Brendon Villegas have all been evicted three times. (one time for each of Kaysar and Brendon was after they were voted back into the house)
20 ~ Name one of the first four houseguest to enter the house in Big Brother 7? Janelle Pierzina
21 ~ Which all-star from Big Brother 7 returned this summer that hasn't won before? Janelle Pierzina
22 ~ What twist allowed Dick and Daniele Donato to play against one another? For Season 8- the enemies twist.. then for season 13, dynamic duos but dick quit.
23 ~ Who was America's Player in Big Brother 8? Eric Stein
24 ~ Who was the 3rd person evicted in Big Brother 8? Mike Dutz
25 ~ Who was from New York on Big Brother 9? Alex Coladonato
26 ~ Who was the 6th place finisher on Big Brother 9? James Zinkland
27 ~ Who won Big Brother 10? Dan Gheesling <3
28 ~ Who from Big Brother 10 returned to play the game in a future season? Dan Gheesling
29 ~ Who from Big Brother 11 made 7th place? Lydia Tavera
30 ~ Who won the most HOH and POV challenges in Big Brother 11? most vetoes- Michele Noonan, most HOHs- Jessie Godderz and Jordan Lloyd each won 2. the person who OVERALL won the most hohs and vetoes combined was Michele Noonan.
31 ~ What was the name of the second HoH challenge in Big Brother 12? "Majority Rules"
32 ~ What power was introduced in All Stars but not used until Big Brother 11? Coup d'Etat
33 ~ Who was the final four in Big Brother 5? Drew Daniel, Michael "Cowboy" Ellis, Diane Henry and Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon
34 ~ Who was the 3rd person evicted in Big Brother 13? Dominic Briones was 3rd evicted (this doesn't count Dick quitting.. seeing he wasn't 'evicted')
35 ~ What is the name of the first houseguest to ever quit the game? Not sure if this counts, but Karen Fowler ASKED the viewers to vote her out on season 1.. but if you mean the first person to actually physically leave the house without being voted out OR expelled, then it was Neil Garcia (season 9)
36 ~ Who was the first houseguest ever to be evicted on premiere night? Jodi Rollins
37 ~ Who won the first Golden Power of Veto? Marcellas Reynolds
38 ~ Which two houseguest were the first joint HoH's together? Alex Coladonato and Amanda Hansen were the first joint HOHs (Jen and Ryan were the 'power couple' before them but NOT HOHs)
39 ~ Who won Big Brother 6? Maggie Ausburn
40 ~ What is the name of the Big Brother host? Julie Chen

Who I wanna take a point from for each question:

1. Donna, Cam, Jeremy
2. Donna, Cam, Jeremy
3. Donna, Jeremy, Cam
4. Donna, Jeremy, Johnny
5. Jeremy, Johnny, Cam
6. Johnny, Donna, Cam
7. Michael, Jeremy, Cam
8. Michael, Cam, Donna
9. Cam, Donna, JEremy
10. Jeremy, Cam, Michael
11. Jeremy, Michael, Donna
12. Cam, Michael, Donna
13. Cam, Jeremy, Michael
14. Johnny, Jeremy, Donna
15. Johnny, Michael, Donna
16. Shanna, Cam, Donna
17. Shanna, Jeremy, Michael
18. Shanna, Johnny, Donna
19. Cam, Shanna, Jeremy
20. Shanna, Stacie, Johnny
21. Jeremy, Stacie, Mandie
22. Johnny, Mandie, Stacie
23. Stacie, Jeremy, Mandie
24. Mandie, Shanna, Stacie
25. Michael, Cam, Donna
26. Jeremy, Mandie, Cam
27. Mandie, Shanna, Johnny
28. Stacie, Jeremy, Shanna
29. Donna, Shanna, Cam
30. Mandie, johnny, Cam
31. Johnny, Shanna, Jeremy
32. Cam, Mandie, Donna
33. Donna, Shanna, Jeremy
34. Michael, Donna, Stacie
35. Shanna, Donna, Cam
36. Cam, Donna, Johnny
37. Stacie, Cam, Jeremy
38. Donna, Stacie, Johnny
39. Donna, Shanna, Jeremy
40. Michael, Cam, Shanna
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HOH #3 BB questions
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