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 Jordan Paymaster???

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Jordan Paymaster??? Empty
PostSubject: Jordan Paymaster???   Jordan Paymaster??? EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 12:39 pm

So Jordan won paymaster and i think i am screw . Last round i escaped elimination and i was surprise when Derb gave my check . This time i am not giving up and i will fight to stay . I know i forgot to post my plea to her (when i aim her yesterday) but i will write in here pretty much what i said

So i told her that i am a really loyal person and that i was going to have her back if she kept me in this round . I also asked her if she wanted Derb in the final and she said she would like to , so thats when i said that i was going to take both of them to the end because Last round Derb kept me and of course i was going to return the favor next round in case i was paymaster and i will do the same to jordan if she safe me this round. I also said that donna was more of a threat than me and i told her that she was going to be loyal to travis at the end of the day . Jordan was like hmmmm , how do i know if you will be more loyal to travis too? and thats when i said that i was going to be loyal to her and derb because at the end of the day Travis voted my ass in the box because he is trying to play his game and he didnt even remember when i sacrificed my self to go in the box last round (when i didnt want to vote for them .)

Thats pretty much all i said , hopefully i stay this round .
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Jordan Paymaster???
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