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 A tough day

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A tough day  Empty
PostSubject: A tough day    A tough day  EmptyThu Mar 31, 2011 1:33 pm

So this is a tough day for me because i may get eliminated since derb is paymaster so i send him this message and let see how it goes

. I think that keeping me today will be the best shot for you in this
game because think about it you are a threat and some people dont like
you , but guess what ?? I had piss a lot of people in this game too and
i think that keeping me will be your best shot because people are going
to go after me Instead of you . This game its coming down to the wire
and you need to think for the future. If you keep me i will obviously
keep it loyal to you (that being said if i am paymaster of course that
i will safe u if u are in the box . In top of that i think people will
go after me first than you because like i said i had pissed a lot of
people off in this game , so i think keeping me will be ur best shot .
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A tough day
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