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 Round 1 questions

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Round 1 questions  Empty
PostSubject: Round 1 questions    Round 1 questions  EmptyFri Mar 04, 2011 11:28 pm

Who is your biggest threat? Who is your best ally?

As of right my biggest threat its tiffani because she plays a really good social game , she is strong at challenges and she is really sweet .

My best Alia in this game was kaotic hahaha , but he is way too inactive . I dont think he remembered that he signed up with me in this game , besides that i dont have another alliance .

Why do you think your team leader (Cam or Jordan) chose you to be on their team?

I think Jordan picked me because she saw that i was more active than todd and Kaotic and the others inactive bitchez that we had .

Have the first two challenges given you a better idea of who the stronger/weaker players in this game are?

the weaker players from my team are todd and kaotic , from the other team i will say cornujo and gaga

Now the stronger are definitely Tiffani and Derb from my team and Cam from the other team .

Who do you think will be the first people to be up for elimination?

the inactive obviosuly
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Round 1 questions
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