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 List Of Roles Used

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PostSubject: List Of Roles Used   Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:42 pm

Please find below a list of Roles that might be used in Werewolf or Mafia

1. Villager/Towns person: Villagers have no night actions. They have power in numbers and their vote is much important. Use your logic, debating skills and questions to find the culprit. Not allowed to Pvt message at any time during the game.

2. Seer/Cop/Sheriff: The seer is called every night and asked who they wish to investigate. The seer will find out if that person is a villager or a werewolf. They are called nightly.

3. Sorcerer: This person will be called nightly, they are asked to investigate a villager they believe to be the Seer, they will be told only if they are the seer or if they are not.

4. Werewolf/Mafia: These people or person will be called nightly and asked who they wish to eliminate from the game for the next day round. They are allowed to talk pvtly during the night time phase.

5. SpellCaster: This person is called nightly. They can cast a silence spell upon any person. That person will no longer be able to speak during the day time phase but they will be able to write action notes such as *Nods yes* *thumbs down* *smiles*

6. Hunter: This person if lynched or Night Killed will get one shot at killing any person of their choice. this power is a one time power.

7. Witch: This person has the ability to cast 1 spell of death and 1 spell of life. They are called nightly and asked if they wish to save or kill any person in particular. ((this role has alternate ways to play))

8. Drunk: This person does not know their role until the 3rd night round. They can end up being on the evil side or the good side depending on the second role they were handed out.

9. Cursed: The cursed starts out as a villager. If they are night killed by the wolves, they will turn into a werewolf and join the evil team.

10. Lycan: This person is part werewolf, but are harmless. The seer will end up identifying them as a werewolf.

11. Lovers: Two players are selected at random. They could be 2 villagers. 2 Werewolves or a villager and a werewolf. If they are 2 villagers, they will win when the villagers win. If they are two werewolves, then the werewolves will win along side the werewolves. If they are both a werewolf and a villager. They must be the last two surviving to win. If one is killed, the other will die along with them.

12. Item: Amulet: The amulet is a weak form of protection. It is passed around from person to person at night, if they are attacked while holding onto the amulet. The amulet will protect them from that attack. At night it will be passed on to the next person of the holders choice. If it lands into the hands of someone who has already had it. It will be destroyed. If it lands into a werewolves hands, the werewolf may destroy it.

13. Bodygaurd/Doctor or Nurse: This person sends in a selection on who they wish to protect at night, they are called nightly.

this list will get updated and needs updating but currently these are the ones I remember
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List Of Roles Used
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