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 Ramesses II: Final Tribal Council

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Ramesses II
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Star Struck

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PostSubject: Ramesses II: Final Tribal Council   Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:16 pm

This was actually a difficult decision, but once I thought about it, two things popped into my head very strongly.

A. Caesar kept bringing up this "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" theme that Survivor has.
B. The one time Jackson and I did get to speak, he made it clear several times that "at least now" I "can't say we never talked," which makes it seem like the only reason he wanted to talk to me was for that purpose, not ever to create a friendship, whether false or true, or anything.

I believe Caesar played the better game. Although he backstabbed me and Jackson didn't, Caesar's game was known and out in the open for a majority of the game, yet no one except me ever tried anything to take him out. Props. That's not easy to do.

So tonight, my vote will be for [[ CAESAR ]] to win the game. Although I would have liked to have cast this vote for a few other people, of these two, Caesar is my winner. Congratulations and good luck!
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Ramesses II: Final Tribal Council
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