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PostSubject: FINAL VOTE   Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:51 pm

= This is difficult for me to do. I'm voting for one of the two people I really like in and out of games. They stuck with me, even though they didn't have to and even though I gave them ample reasons not too throughout the game. I guess I'll have to go with who took the most smack from the jury. I believe after all that, they should come out on top. I'm probably the only one who's going to but meh, such is the way I roll.

I am voting for Ceasar to win.

Thank you for the game Justin and Mandie, despite not being allowed to play a female in the form of Elizabeth, I had a ton of fun being Churchill and turning him into a crazy ole coot that has way to many addictions. Cheers to that happening again one day!
= I am voting for Caesar to win because well he's a jackass and he played the game like a huge asshole but sadly he deserves to win for being so committed to the game and doing so well in the challenges and doing so well strategically and socially (until he backstabbed everyone).

= I came into this 100% sure I was voting for Caesar. Then all the petty BS and threatening legal action completely turned me off.My vote is for Andrew Jackson.
= I am voting based off pure bitterness and nothing more, therefore I vote for JACKSOB to win the game even though he doesn't deserve it. THANK YOU, AND NOW U CAN ALL GO DIE IN UR OWN HOLES FOREVAH!!!! WANGEDY WANG... out!!!!

= This was actually a difficult decision, but once I thought about it, two things popped into my head very strongly.

A. Caesar kept bringing up this "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" theme that Survivor has.
B. The one time Jackson and I did get to speak, he made it clear several times that "at least now" I "can't say we never talked," which makes it seem like the only reason he wanted to talk to me was for that purpose, not ever to create a friendship, whether false or true, or anything.

I believe Caesar played the better game. Although he backstabbed me and Jackson didn't, Caesar's game was known and out in the open for a majority of the game, yet no one except me ever tried anything to take him out. Props. That's not easy to do.

So tonight, my vote will be for [[ CAESAR ]] to win the game. Although I would have liked to have cast this vote for a few other people, of these two, Caesar is my winner. Congratulations and good luck!

= I vote for ANDREW JACKSON. Both of you played the dirty/backstabbing game, and it got you in the end. I just liked your style better than Caesar. I think you have to consider your jury in all moves, and you did that hella better than your opponent. So I hope you win, good luck fucker.
I would just like to note that this vote is not AGAINST Tim but it is indeed FOR Adam. Being a manipulator and strategist is not the only element in this game, Tim's social end game was absolutely horrible. A true master of the game would be able to not only vote people off in a blindsiding manner but be able to in a way where you don't get heat & still keep good ties with these people as they are voting for you to win. Before you go saying its not possible, trust me ive done it, its possible. I think Adam came off as more down to earth, he played a better social game when it counted, at the END. Adam is a nice guy deep down and I know he would never hurt me had I not antagonized the attacks. So my final tribal vote goes to ADAM.

*Hosts feel free to post this whole explanation along with my vote.

= Tonight I am voting for ANDREW JACKSON / ADAM to win. Congratulations Smile
= Hahaha, it definitely sucks that I heard you talked crap about me, and that you admitted it, but I didn't realize you were that close to Tim....SOMEHOW, to begin with, so I don't give you any heat for it either really. You gotta talk crap in this games.

Caesar you played great, and you really earn my respect as a game player, but you also have some trouble getting vibes from other players. I think you think you are a tad better than you are, lol, and I don't think you realize that the jury period is a unique part of this game, and made moves, especially considering how many immunities you won, and especially considering the amount you controlled a small portion of people that were really not neccesary, where are Adam knew that just be bonding with you, and making one or two REALLY great lies, he could make it to the end, and he could look great to the jury, and I think he really does.

Hell, I really grew to like Adam from this FTC, and to....not I feel the same way about you for the most part, lmao.

I vote for ADAM to win OPS3. He would be a great addition to the ORGP winners, no doubt! Good job Jackson!

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