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Winston Churchill

Posts : 341
Join date : 2010-04-10

PostSubject: Maneo Tribe: WINSTON CHURCHILL'S FALLEN COMRADES   Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:46 pm

20th PLACE

Way to be a whiny bitch and quit. You suck at life. P.S. We all hate you.

19th Place

Oh man, the first person to give me a chance and the first one to take a hit for me. God love ya Horse man, you were a Crazy Bastard.

18th Place:

Way to completely suck the life out of our tribe with your negative attitude. For future reference, that is not how you get through a game.

17th Place:

Wow, I feel bad cause I really have no idea what to say to you. you did well sitting on that bull til it kicked you off and turned into a combo of Napoleon, Mussi and Wang. You were less active than I was. So sad.

16th Place:

I love this girl! I was sad to see her go so early because she is like HBIC fo' rizzle. She always puts in a historic fight and loses though, that's sucky.

15th Place:

Ah Becky, knowing you who you were, I still don't regret my decision to save Caligula. You're a great person and an awesome player and I recognized that even before I realized who you were.

14th Place:

That's what you get for targetting me. Biznatch. We could have worked together, but you just didn't want too. Was it cause I responded to your PM's with so much vigor (not) or because I was so unbelievably active that you were afraid I would destroy EVERYONE AT THE MERGE MUAHAHAHA? (as if)

13th Place:

I still say you're an ethopian child in disguise. But a cute one with a white mustache. So adorable.

12th Place:

I hate that wig. You and I had virtually no contact and you were kinda lame. So I wasn't sorry to see you go.

11th Place

<3 You're awesome you know. If you hadn't been so damn hardcore you probably would have gone a long way. I pulled for ya, but there's so much I can do when I have no influence.

10th Place:

Hi. This is our first conversation I think. You look good. Nice seeing you again. K Bye.

9th Place:

Do not talk to people nice to their face and then trash talk them behind their back. THEY WILL FIND OUT AND KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP. That is all.

8th Place:

Despite your size, I find you intelligent. Way to pick the wrong alliance though.

7th Place:

You know what, I like you. Not many people got to talk to you or understood why you were playing, but I did and I liked you. I was sad to see you go.

6th Place:

You make me laugh long time. Love you Wangypoo.

5th Place:

We weren't on the same side most of the time... if ever... but I respect you as a player and person. And always will.

4th Place

Smoke, I'd have loved to take you but I had my thing with Jackson and Ceasar first. Which is clearly biting me in the ass right now. Oh well.
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