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 ROUND 16 Tribal Council Results!

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PostSubject: ROUND 16 Tribal Council Results!   Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:37 pm

Welcome, MANEO to tribal council 16. Tonight, one of you will join SMOKE JAGUAR, SADDAM, WANG KON, RAMESSES, NAPOLEON, MUSSOLINI, KHUFU & CALIGULA in the jury and have a hand in deciding who wins this game.


There is a total of 1 vote at tonight's TC, CAESAR is immune. I'll read the vote...

1st Vote....

...and last player to join the jury...

1 vote, that's enough.
Thank you for playing CHURCHILL! You came very close! You will soon join CALIGULA, KHUFU, MUSSOLINI, NAPOLEON, RAMESSES,WANG KON, SADDAM and SMOKE JAGUAR on the SUPREME COURT. Your role in this game is not over! You will become the ninth member of the jury and will help decide the winner of Survivor: Civilization!


You've gone as far as you can go! You two have done what 18 others could not and survived every elimination of the game!

But now you must turn to those very people you had a hand in voting out, as it is they who hold your fate in their hands. You will soon have an opportunity to make your opening statements to the jurors as to why you believe you should be given the title of Sole Survivor and winner of Survivor: Civilization!

Further instructions will be posted shortly.
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Winston Churchill

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PostSubject: Re: ROUND 16 Tribal Council Results!   Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:48 pm

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ROUND 16 Tribal Council Results!
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