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 Werewolf Rules

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PostSubject: Werewolf Rules   Thu May 27, 2010 2:37 am

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who are not familar with the game Werewolf I will outline the basic rules here.

The simple premise of the game, an uninformed majority ((villagers)) are pitted against an informed minority ((werewolves)). The informed minority must eliminate the uninformed majority without being detected. The uninformed majority is trying to find out who is apart of the informed minority.

The Game is played in 2 phases

1. Day time phase

This phase consists of all villagers gathering together in a meeting and deciding who amongst them should be eliminated / lynched because they are a werewolf. This is done by discussion, debate, questioning and interrogation.

Once a suspicion has occured the village votes on whether or not this person should be eliminated. Once an elimination happens the day time phase is over, the villagers all go to sleep and the night time phase occurs.

2. Night Time Phase.

During this phase, the werewolves along with any other special roles are called upon to make their night actions. In the case of the Werewolves they will decide at night who is to be killed and eliminated from game play. Once the night actions occur the day time phase returns and the villagers wake up to find out who has been eliminated from the game.

3. Winning.
The villagers win if they can eliminate all werewolves from game play.
The werewolves win if they can bring the village down to a 50% ratio of villagers to werewolves example: 2 villagers / 2 werewolves or 1 werewolf 1 villager.

The Basic Roles that are handed out during a game of werewolf are.

1. Villagers ((These are regular players who are trying to deduce who amongst them are the bad guys))

2. Werewolves ((These are players whose object is to eliminate villagers))

3. Seer ((This player functions during the night along with the werewolves and may make a guess at who they believe is a werewolf. If they guess incorrectly they will find out if the selected player is a villager, if they guess correctly they will find out if the selected player is a werewolf, this helps during the day time phase and can guide discussion))

4. Other roles may be handed out, each season of werewolf will be different and an explanation of those roles will be placed.

Roles are handed out at the beginning of the game randomly via Cards that I have in real life. Your position in the line up to recieve your role is based on first to sign up to last to sign up.

No, none what so ever, you may be one type of role one time and another the next, you may be the same role twice in a row if you continue to play in games.

Yes, often people will find trends, tells, and various other information on game style and play of past games. Although it does not necessarily denote your role, it can be used as a guide of probability.

I cannot stop that from happening, although it doesn't necessarily mean you will be the same role twice, past games may be brought up to decipher the current game underway. You may also change up the way you style your game play / wording.

Roles are handed out based on the honor system. Players recieve roles at the start of the game and must not discuss with anyone inside the game or out of the game of their role unless specifically told they can by the host.

No one should be discussing anything in pvt unless it is directly to the host, or allowed due to role exception.

To those people who are more sensitive to emotion than others. You have every right to participate, however, please note it is a game.
This game puts players in a position to be singled out, lied to, lied about or deceived to as the game progresses and strategies develop.

It is an elimination style type game and sometimes you may be eliminated sooner than expected. Please do not take things personally. Ultimately it is a group effort and sometimes sacrifices must be made to get to the truth.

If defenses or arguements arise that over step your comfort level, please contact the host ASAP in pvt and we will walk through it together before arguments take place that go beyond the borders of the game.


Players, remember you are dealing with other people in this game. Speak how you would like to be spoken to. If you feel that comments or posts by other players have over stepped a common respect, please pvt the comment to me and tell me why you have become uncomfortable with it.

If you feel is a direct personal attack that is NON GAME RELATED, please point it out. I will judge whether or not it is out of the boundaries of the game via discussion with the person who has brought it to my attention.

In the event the comment is found to be a direct personal attack that is non game related and goes beyond the borders of the game itself that is unjustifiable.

I will ask that the person who made the comment to
delete the post, edit the choice of words or if it continues remove the player all together from the game and the admin will be contacted and informed of the situation.

As your host, I will try to mediate as best as I can with what I am given in these circumstances.

1. General Game Questions.
If you have a general game question, pvt it to me and I will answer pvtly back OR if I believe it is a common question that everyone will benefit from I will respond out in open forum.

2. Technical Game Disputes.
Sometimes mistakes happen, by myself, or various players. I will try to act in such a way that causes the least amount of damage to keep the game intact if it is my own error. Depending upon the player error I will try to do my best to keep the game going. If Role revealing in pvt or other means, I will end up removing the player if your role does not allow you to speak in pvt to other players.

3. Judgement Caller
If at anytime you feel rules are broken or situations for you become uncomfortable, it is your job to pvt me with it so that we can discuss the nature or severity of the case. Do not continue in forum discussions until you feel comfortable with what is taking place.

4. Player Disputes that cannot be resolved on their own.
If players are acting in such a way that goes way beyond the boundaries of the game ((at my judgement)) and it cannot be resolved. I will be forced to remove the aggressive player so that the game can continue.

If the aggressor continues after being removed the site admin will be contacted immediately.

Depending on the size of cast for the season being played a story will be told before each phase describing the towns choices and actions.

Sometimes cast members names or dialogue may be used in order to tell the story.

This is in no way a reflection of character roles in the game, nor is it a reflection on peoples true characters in real life, within the community board ORG or other forum boards. It is simply entertainment and an enjoyment I get from hosting the games for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

This list will get updated as the rules flesh out.
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Werewolf Rules
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